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Kindred Spirit Farm
Tank, The Rescue

Tank is a percheron. He was used to pull weights for competition. He was smaller than his partner horse and some how fell and stepped on his privates. The person who owned him, couldn't afford to operate on him, so he tore off his shoes, destroying his feet, and sent him to auction for slaughter. A private party picked him up and worked with Rescue groups to raise the $3000 it would take to operate and amputate his penis. The operation was a success and he healed rapidly, but still had horrible hoof issues and needed a home and retraining. The 4-H club at Kindred Spirit Farm hosted a horse show, Finding Nemo, and raised $500 dollars from the sale of food and drinks. It cost us $450 dollars to transport Tank from CT to MD and to his new home. The other $50 went towards his coggins and health certificate for transport across state lines. Tank is sound, although his feet are still horrible. He has been riding in a western and english saddle and trying to teach him to direct rein and neck rein. He has been on trails on and off the property and he will make his first debute as a jousting horse at the Wicomico County Fair on Aug. 21st, 2010. We have practiced trailer loading him and that has been a huge success. We have practiced riding him in horse trappings and armor, and although he doesn't like things coming at him quickly he does handle them well once they are on. He is still rather spooky from behind, but he has gotten over his fear of our gator, used to scoop poop and throw hay, and our quad runners and motorcycles. Although a giant, he is the horse that even the youngest of children are drawn too. With his big eyes and long mane everyone wants to hug and kiss him. We will continue to update his photos as we train him for his new life at Kindred Spirit Farm.

Tank's Arrival
He came in a trailer so long, it didn't fit in driveway.
Tank was greeted by about 15 people!!!
He was very relaxed getting off of trailer and just ate grass.
Back two hooves, need a lot of work.
Not as bad as front right though.
His first walk to his field.
He was very very relaxed.

After he arrived and we checked him over, he had fungus on his legs in his feathers and he had really bad fungus in his hooves. The fungus in the hooves was making them brittle and when they started to grow out and touched the ground they would crack. We have currently treated the fungus, however, this could be a continuous battle for a while. We are also treating the fungus in his feathers, the easiest way would be to shave them, but we are trying to do that without shaving off his beautiful feathers.

His first ride with Ellie
He was very relaxed about people getting on his back.
Tank and his first jousting show
He was great!!!