Kindred Spirit Farm

Birthday Parties:

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The first hour of the party includes:

Pony Ride

Hay Ride

Petting zoo experience

The second hour of the party includes:

An air conditioned room with tables and chairs

You will need to provide the following items for the party room:

1. 3 rectangular table cloths

2. Cups and drinks or box drinks in cooler

3. Plates, napkins, silverware 

4. Cake cutter, ice cream scoopr, lighter

5. Cake, icecream, snacks or food (Pizza City delivers) (Freezer available)


1 - 10 children $120.00

11 - 20 children $200

Request for safety: 

Please do not give food or drink to the children until they wash their hands and enter the party room.

Once they enter the party room they should stay there for the hour, they should not return outside to play or touch the animals.