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Kindred Spirit Farm
About Us

In 2000, Kindred Spirit Farm started with 2 horses, 2 dogs, 2 goats, 1 rabbit, a sheep, and a pig. We had a barn with two stalls and a tack room. In that tack room we had more western saddles then english. We used the other part of our barn for summer camps and that was where we ate lunch and did crafts. We had maybe 5 riding students that had one lesson a week if the weather was nice. We had two riding rings side by side, and we used one ring for the pasture. We bought hay from others to feed the horses and stored it in the top of our little barn. Now, fifteen years later, we have twenty plus horses, however some are out on leases to other people. We have added an alpaca, ducks, chickens, and donkeys to the petting zoo. We have in the past had cows and numerous baby goats that have found happy homes. We have an indoor riding arena and added 11 more stalls. We have a guest tack room. We also built an air conditioned party room/camp room. We have 60 plus students who ride here all year round whatever the weather in the indoor arena. Now we have 20 students who consistently ride western. We have a 175' x 300' jumping ring with an 8 jump course and a 200' x 250' western ring for barrel racing and pole bending. We have a round pen for horse training and we have three six acre pastures and are getting ready to build number four. We grow our own hay on land we rent and house it in half of our indoor to feed all these creatures.
Every year I continue to look back over the past year, and I am amazed at how far we have come. Not only in the growth of our farm, but also in our continued quest for knowledge about caring for horses, training horses, and riding horses. We learned that a chiropractor can solve many behavioral issues that occur during tacking and with bucking. We learned that clean trax can cure any kind of fungus in the hoof and on the body and have brought several horses back from severe lameness. We have learned that with communication and massage we can relax our horses and improve their health and riding abilities. We took a risk and bred a horse to experience the miracle of birth and have learned how to train a foal. We are constantly striving to improve our horses head carriage and build their back muscles through different riding and ground exercises. We have learned that each horse must be treated as an individual and how we ride, train, and care for each and every horse must be catered to their abilities and personalities. 
In 2015, we brought on two other riding instructors. One is offering private English riding lessons and taking our students to hunter, jumper, dressage, and eventing shows. The other is offering private and group western lessons and introducing our students to barrel racing, pole bending, roping, cattle sorting, goat tying, and tons more. Again, leading us into new and exciting territory!!!! I can't wait to see what the future holds!!! 

Tequila was thin, cracked feet, and cushings?
Still thin, clean trax and ferrier cured feet and no signs of cushings.

The following horses came to us with a variety of problems and they all became sound and enjoyable riding horses.

Cruz was thin, cut up, lame and bucked!
Clean trax, Chiropractor, and lots of love!!!!

OB had been lame and grumpy when tacking!
Clean Trax, Chiropractor, and love!!!
Holly had bad cracks and fungus!
Clean trax and good ferrier, fixed with no shoes!!!
Peanut, came skinny and big bucker!
Chiropractor really helped him, over and over.
Tank the Rescue
Rescued from slaughter
Ruckus: Born and Raised at KSF
In training at Bridgewater College with Ellie Jansen