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Dressage practice
Katie and Bucky
Table jump practice
Gracie and Courage cleared 4' high by 4' wide
Show ring jumping
Roanie our roping horse
Clint and Roanie
Mounted shooting
An activity our western riders can participate in
Cattle sorting
Reese and Magic
Jousting games
Mounted archery
Kindred Spirit Farm
Riding Lessons

We start lessons with childen once they reach the age of 5.

A normal lesson is one hour which includes grooming, tacking, the lesson, and untacking.

An hour group lesson is $30.00, private lessons if available are $35.

We have 3 outside riding arenas - one jumping ring and one western ring. We also have a round pen and an indoor for year round riding.

We have trails that wind around our 65 acres.

Our lessons are always educational, but not always mounted. Students learn natural horsemanship, massage, long lineing, they play with foals and yearlings, bombproofing activities etc. so they are working with horses on the ground as well.

We encourage our riders to also help around the farm with cleaning stalls, feeding hay or grain, sweeping, etc. before or after their lessons.

We teach a balanced seat and allow them to experience this in western and english saddles as well as bareback. 

We play rodeo games, balance games, and relay races for fun to mix it up once and a while.

We do jousting at rings and mounted archery at least once a year. 

We take trail rides for fun and also to work on certain skills out on a trail.

We learn about a variety of disciplines, various training techniques, and each horses strengths and weaknesses.

We have our own show series every summer as well as attending local schooling shows, dressage shows, and hunter and jumper shows.

 We also attend other activities off the property like cattle sorting, roping, and trail rides.

We teach goat tying, roping a dummy, chasing a sled and our western program is still growing as we now have several riders interested in MD High School Rodeo. 

We raised several foals and yearlings and have helped with every aspect of their training. 

We take trips, we have guest speakers, we allow the older students the chance to teach and be great role models. 

Our goal is to become well educated, well rounded riders who enjoy our time with our horses. 

We also have an competitive show team with Interscholastic Equestrian Association that travels and shows other horses in the area. 

The Jump of Death
Katie and Miss Kitty over Sir Barchan



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